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Linksys AC2200 Extender setup

On this page we will guide you about all the different ways to setup Linksys AC2200 extender. Linksys AC2200 eliminates the dead zone at your home or office. This Linksys AC2200 extender setup provides you a better coverage to about 2000sq.ft. Your extender provides you fast and great signal and streaming high quality video and Gaming.

Linksys AC2200 extender setup
Your Linksys AC2200 can be set up in two ways. That are manual method and WPS method
linksys ac2200 setup
Manual method to configure your Linksys AC2200 extender setup:
  • Grab any device you have.
  • Bring your booster to the same room.
  • After that connect your device and extender via Ethernet cable.
  • Now plug in your Linksys AC2200 in a socket.
  • In the URL type
  • Login page will appear on your device.
  • Enter your default username and password and hit login.

If you are still facing problems connecting your Linksys AC2200 extender then contact us by toll free number and live chat. Our experts configure your issue.

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  • Linksys AC2200 setup via WPS method

    WPS (Wi-Fi protected setup) is a security standard for wireless networks. Follow these steps to configure your Linksys AC2200 extender setup by WPS.

    1. First unbox your Linksys AC2200.
    2. Plug in into a power socket.
    3. Make sure that your router and extender should be placed in the same room.
    4. Then wait for two minutes until the orange light turns to green.
    5. Press the WPS button on your AC2200 extender and router.
    6. Wait for some time until the WPS is solid green.
    7. It indicates that your Linksys AC2200 extender setup is successfully complete.
    Linksys AC2200 WPS setup

    How to update linksys AC2200 firmware?

    Downloading the latest firmware in your Linksys AC2200 is highly recommended, to get faster wifi speed. To update Linksys Extender’s firmware, follow the given steps:

    • Connect your AC2200 extender to your device via Ethernet cable.
    • Make sure that your booster is not connected to your router.
    • Open any web browser.
    • On the address bar, type
    • Now you can see the login page on your device.
    • Type your username or password.
    • Then click the login button.
    Note: If you're still having problems with the firmware, then you can contact our experts via toll free number and live chat.

    How to reset Linksys AC2200?

    Factory reset is the process which is mostly performed in the cases whenever a user is not able to remember his admin password and wants to recover it. When you reset Linksys AC2200 it will make your extender ready for the new setup process by deleting all your personalized information including your password, username and SSID. Let’s see how the factory reset operation is performed.

    To reset Linksys AC2200 follow the given steps below:

    1. Firstly, power on your Linksys AC2200.
    2. Find the factory reset button on your booster.
    3. Grab a toothpick.
    4. With the help of a toothpick press and hold the factory reset button for 10 seconds.
    5. After some seconds the LED will blink and your booster reboots automatically.
    6. Now your extender is ready for the new installation process.

    That’s how you can perform the factory reset operation on your Linksys AC2200. In case you need any help regarding any process you can reach us by calling our professional technicians at our toll free number or also by live chat. We are always ready to resolve your issue 24*7.

    Linksys ac2200 extender setup
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