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Linksys AX1800 RE7350 WIFI Extender Setup

To setup Linksys AX1800 extender to your home WIFI network. Follow the steps and install your extender to the home or office network system.

This dual-band RE7350 wireless 6 range extender gives you faster speed as well as better range and a stronger WIFI signal in more areas of your home.

Linksys RE7350 extender setup
Linksys Range extender Setup AX1800

Linksys AX1800 Extender Setup | RE7350

We are about to discuss one of the easiest ways to install the RE7350 wireless booster to your home WIFI system. The WPS method which is also known as the push-button configuration is a way easier and quickest way to install your booster.

So let’s jump into the setup of AX1800 with the push-button configuration:

  • To start the setup, plug the extender closest to the main router i.e. 2-3 feet.
  • Wait for the green light to start blinking on the wireless repeater.
  • Once the light stop blinking then press the WPS button on your AX1800 extender.
  • And then within 1-2 minutes, press the same button on your WIFI modem or router.
  • While performing the steps do not unplug or power off your booster.
  • If you have the solid green light on the RE7350, it means the extender is connected successfully to the existing network.
  • Unplug from the current location and place to your desired location to get the maximum coverage.

How do I set up my Linksys AX1800 WIFI Extender?

  • To begin with the setup of AX1800, firstly grab any wireless device i.e. laptop or cell phone.
  • Then plug in your Linksys to the power outlet.
  • Now open the wireless setting option on your device.
  • And connect with the default extender network.
  • Once connected open any web browser and type on the address bar.
  • You are now on the setup page of your RE7350 repeater.
  • Follow the on-screen instruction and link your repeater to the existing WIFI modem or router.
Linksys AX1800 extender setup
Linksys AX1800 Firmware update

Linksys AX1800 WIFI Extender Setup | Trouble-shooting Steps

  • For the Linksys AX1800 extender setup via WPS, the router and the extender should be not more than 3 feet.
  • Always check the indicator LED of the Linksys extender.
  • Kindly factory reset the RE7350 if you are trying to install a new router.
  • Make sure there are no electrical items near the wireless booster.
  • Turn on and Off your Linksys AX1800 signal extender.
  • will only work if you connect your wireless device with it. Else it will only give an error message “Site can’t be reached”.
  • If you have multiple RE7350 extenders, set up one at a time.

Linksys AX1800 Max-Stream Extender | Features

  • Synchronous Dual-Band.
  • It contains 802.11ax of AX1800 which goes to 1.8 Gbps
  • It can cover about 1,700 sq ft
  • Two-into-two concurrent data streams for powerful, quick performance
  • There are 2 convertible antennas or immovable
  • Bluetooth low energy for a safe and simple configuration
  • Linksys AX1800 extender setup as a guest network
  • Contains 4 GB ethernet cables
  • It also has WPS for faster connection

For more information:

Linksys AX1800 setup

How do I update my Linksys AX1800 RE7350 firmware?

  • Open up a web browser and put in “” in the website field then tap on entering. Whether the IP address isn’t working or is different or changed, make sure of the router’s local IP address.
  • Put in the login username/password. Linksys extender’s password is “admin”. Whether you made a new password, put in that instead.
  • Tap on “Administration” and under it, there is “Firmware Upgrade”.
  • Tap on the Browse option.
  • Look for and choose the file that is update downloaded then tap on Open.
  • Tap on the “Start” option.
  • Tap on Continue as soon as it says upgrade has been completed.
  • Power cycle your Linksys AX1800 extender after completion.

For troubleshooting information:

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