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Linksys EA7500 Setup

Linksys EA7500 Setup Offers Wi-Fi coverage of up to 1,500 square feet for 15 + wireless devices that work with installed modems. The Linksys EA7500 Setup can be done via Linksys Mobile App.



Without buffering, you can enjoy high-quality 4K HD recording, gameplay, and more.

Linksys EA7500 Setup provides a speed rate of up to 1.9gbps and provides the entire household with a seamless entertainment experience.

According to its CD-less configuration, the Linksys EA7500 is made simple and easy to set up. You can now perform the installation from an internet browser even when the router doesn’t have an Internet connection at first and is on factory default settings.

Go to website for the installation process of Linksys Extender Setup.


Linksys EA7500 Manual Setup

1: First connect the poles to the router and then insert an electric power source into the router. Make sure the control switch is set to the ON location if your router has a power button. Do not proceed until there is a strong power light indicator.

2:  Access to your safe Wi-Fi connection. The Wi-Fi credentials can be found either at the bottom of the router or in the Easy Start Guide. Please ensure you get a strong signal from the router by bringing the laptop closer to it or moving the pc in the same room as the router, to avoid any issues during the Linksys EA7500 Setup.

3: Launch your web browser and enter “ in the Address bar then press [Enter]

4: Tick the checkbox next to I read and approve the License Terms for using this program, then click Next to proceed.

5: In the Update for your router’s window, install future updates of the router automatically (recommended) to enable automatic updates by default. You can uncheck it to monitor while you are running an Auto-Update. You can also re-enable this option after logging in to the web-based setup page of the router. To continue the Linksys EA7500 Setup, press Next.

6: Enter the desired Wi-Fi name and Wi-Fi password in the fields given, and then click Next. In comparison to the 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi Name, the 5 GHz Wi-Fi Name will be appended to the 5GHz suffix.


NOTE: If you want to use a special name for both network bands, select Give all of my Wi-Fi bands the same name.

7: Connect to the new Wi-Fi username, then go back to the Linksys EA7500 Setup and select Next

8: Insert the router password in the Create a router password field, and then press Next

Suggestion: If your router displays the option Add Password Hint, enter your preferred hint in the area. This will help you recall your password for the router in the future. 

9: When you see that your router has been set up! The memo means that your router has now been successfully set up. The new Wi-Fi settings, as well as the admin password of the router, will be shown. Please ensure you enter new settings in the Quick Start Guide for future reference. To complete the entire setup, tap Next.

10: You’ll be forwarded to the Create Your Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Account page. Click here for instructions on how to make a Linksys Cloud account. 

You’ve now successfully installed your Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router using the Smart Setup Wizard. 

Apart from that, you can also have your Wifi Extender Setup as well through our website.

So, visit our website for your Linksys Extender Setup.




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