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Linksys extender login, as we all know, is a great device for boosting the internet connectivity of your network connection. The device efficiently repeats the Wi-Fi signal and expands the reach of the internet connection to places where there used to be no sign of network before. 

linksys extender login

In this article, you will get to know about the Linksys extender login and the steps required to access the setup page of the extender. You will get the required steps for two conditions: 

Let us now have a look at each of them one by one. 

Linksys extender login steps for a non-configured extender 

Before you continue with the steps for Linksys extender login for a non-configured router, you need to connect the computer with the extender by using an Ethernet cable. Connect one end of the Ethernet cable to the computer and the other to the extender. 

Moreover, there might be several reasons for logging in to a non-configured extender such as: 

  • The extender is new and you haven’t configured it yet. 
  • You have done a factory data reset on the Linksys extender and want to set it up manually now. 
  • The Linksys extender can”t be connected with the router even after being configured successfully.

Well, it doesn’t matter what the reason is, here are the steps that you need to follow for Linksys extender login on such routers: 

Step 1: first of all, connect the extender to a stable source of electricity and make sure that it is not fused or shot from anywhere. If the extender receives the appropriate amount of power then you will get an indication through the LED light on the extender. The light will turn into the solid green at that time. 

Step 2: The next thing that you need to do is connect your computer with the extender and for that, you will require an Ethernet cable. Connect one end of the Ethernet cable to the computer and the other one to the extender. You will find a port for this at the sideways of your extender.

Step 3: After that, you need to open up a web browser of your choice in the computer which is connected to the Ethernet cable. After you have opened up a browser, you need to type in the IP address of the extender which by default is 

Step 4: Then you will be able to see a Linksys extender login page where you will be asked to provide the username and the password. Since you haven’t configured the extender yet, you might have not settled up the username and password. In that case, just leave the username input field empty and type in ”admin” in the password field. After you’ve entered the following details, you need to click on the login button. 

After that, you will be successfully logged in to the web-based setup client of your Linksys extender. Note that you might have to go through troubleshooting steps if you face any problem during the login process. 

Linksys Extender Login

Linksys extender login steps for a pre-configured extender 

In order to do Linksys extender login on an extender which is configured already, you just need to know the IP address of the extender that will act as a gateway for accessing the setup page in which you will log in. 

To get the IP address of the extender, you can check out the DHCP client of the router. Let us have a look at the steps for a number of operating systems. 

Steps for Windows 10

For Windows 10, follow the steps stated below: 

  1. Linksys extender loginFirst of all, click on the start button and then select the file explorer application from the collection of the applications. 
  2. After the file explorer has been opened, you need to navigate to the network section that you can find in the left pane. 
  3. In the network panel, you will be able to see the name of your extender as one of the network devices connected to your computer.
  4. Just right click on it and you will be able to see an option called view device webpage. Click on that option from the menu. After that, the

    Linksys extender login page will be opened up in a browser automatically. 

  5. In the opened page, you will see an option to input the username and password for accessing the setup page. Now if you haven’t settled up anything in this then leave the username field empty and type in “admin” in the password field. But if you have settled up custom details for the input fields specified, you need to enter those details to log in to the setup page. 

Let us now have a look at the steps required for Linksys extender login in the Mac OS. 

Steps for Mac OSlinksys extender login

  1. First of all, open up the Safari web browser and then navigate to the tab named bookmarks. 
  2. Then you will be able to see an option named Bonjour with a trademark icon and in that option, you need to find if the name of your extender and if you find it, just double click on it.
  3. After that, you will again see a login page just like in windows 10 and similarly, like in windows 10, you need to leave the username part and just type in “admin” in the password field if not done already or you need to enter the password that you settled in it. 

Note: that if you are unable to find the bonjour option then navigate to the advanced preferences of the Safari web browser and select the option that says “include bonjour in bookmarks” and save the changes. You can also type in the IP address of your extender manually in the address bar of the browser. 



And that’s how you can log in to the setup page of your Linksys extender setup. That’s all we have for today. 


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