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Linksys RE6350 Setup

To setup Linksys RE6350 AC1200, you need to follow a set of steps that are given on this page. Using the AC1200 Wireless Range Extender to increase the wireless network coverage by increasing its length and signal power.

This extender is designed to work with virtually all forms of wireless routers. It is not appropriate to do so. The device lets you enjoy an online experience that is smooth and uninterrupted.


Linksys RE6350 Range Extender Setup | AC1200

To setup Linksys RE6350 AC1200, you need to follow the steps below:

  1. Turn your booster on by plugging it into an electrical socket.
  2. If you see an orange light on the RE6350, it means it switched on.
  3. To begin with, the setup, grab any WIFI-enabled device.
  4. And go to the wireless settings option and connect with the “Linksys Extender Setup-89” default network.
  5. After connecting to the repeater network, open any web browser and type on the address bar.
  6. You are on the AC1200 configuration page.
  7. Follow the onscreen instruction to install your booster to the existing router or modem.

How to configure my Linksys RE6350 WIFI range extender?

  • To setup Linksys RE6350, Firstly plug your repeater a foot away from the main router or modem.
  • Switch on your extender by plugging it into an electrical socket.
  • Once you have the power light on the booster, push the WPS button.
  • And simultaneously push the same button on your wireless router.
  • Wait until the light stop blinking on the AC1200.
  • If you see the solid green light of the AC1200, it means your repeater is successfully configured with the WPS method.
  • Unplug the booster and place it in the desired location.

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Linksys RE6350 AC1200 Extender | Reset Process

To reset the Linksys RE6350 AC1200 Wifi Extender to its factory default settings, just follow the steps below:

  • First of all, find the reset button on your Linksys RE6350 Wifi Extender.
  • Ensure that RE6350 is turned on.
  • After you find the Reset button, press and hold the button for few seconds.
  • Wait until the Linksys  AC1200 is ready to reboot.
  •  Lastly, your wifi extender will begin to reboot and reset to its default settings.

You have successfully completed the Linksys RE6350 Reset.

Linksys RE6350 Extender Features

  • IEEE  802.11ac Wireless networking standard
  • Dual-band wifi connectivity for more coverage
  • Providing crossband technology
  • Easy setup info and location finder to get the best use of Linksys RE6350
  • 2 x 2 Spatial Streams which helps to transmit proper wifi signals.
  • Sleek design or look
  • N300 + AC867 Mbps provide a maximum speed of 150mbps
  • Beamforming Technology helps to get stronger, reliable, and steady wifi connectivity

For any queries or concerns regarding while Linksys RE6350 Setup. Feel free to call us.

Linksys RE6350 Extender Firmware Update

Follow the steps to upgrade the AC1200 Firmware:

  • Turn on your Linksys AC1200.
  • Open a web browser on any Wireless or Wifi device.
  • Type or in the address bar for Linksys RE6350 login.
  • Enter the username and the default password and then press Login.
  • Now on the Linksys RE6350 Setup Page, Look for “Administration“.
  • Then click on Firmware Upgrade.
  • AC1200 will automatically detect if there is any update available.
  • Click on Update Now.
  • Now you have successfully updated your Linksys Wifi Extender.
  • Click on Save and it’s all done.
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