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Linksys RE7000 Extender Setup

Are you having trouble with no WiFi in certain areas of your home or workplace? Weak WiFi connections driving you crazy? Let's get familiar with the Linksys RE7000 setup Max-Stream AC1900+ dual band 5Ghz WiFi extender, you can now extend and boost your home WiFi network signal to practically any hard-to-reach place, such as the backyard or garage. Your smart gadgets can connect to the Internet with the help of a RE7000 Extender.

To Setup your Linksys RE7000 extender follow these steps

  • Unbox your RE7000 and plug it into a power outlet.
  • Go to the wireless manager on your device.
  • Look for a Linksys extender setup network.
  • After you are connected, navigate to
  • Now you will see the AC1900 login page.
  • To continue with setup process type username and password.
  • Hit the login button.
  • Now follow all the on screen steps to complete the setup process.

In case you have any trouble with configuring your extender you can contact us any time on our toll free numbers or by live chat. Our professional technicians will help you to fix it.


  1. Firstly, Plug your extender into a power outlet.
  2. Now for Linksys extender setup, type in the address bar.
  3. If the Linksys setup page doesn't come up, change the browser.
  4. On the Linksys extender setup page, it will ask you how you would like to configure Wifi Range Extender.
  5. Hit Range extender option or Access point according to your need, you can directly connect your device with the help of an ethernet cable while using Access Point.
  6. Use or IP address page sometimes goes off in between, for that refresh the browser.
  7. Follow the online instructions and your Linksys extender setup will be completed.

If you still cannot visit the Linksys RE7000 Setup page, Talk with our experts using the chat alternatively, you can also set up the Linksys RE7000 to Access Point mode.

Linksys RE7000 WPS Setup

WPS method is the most uncomplicated and quick process for Linksys RE7000 setup. In this process the user doesn't have to spend much time. Following the steps below you will be able to complete your RE7000 WPS Setup.

Steps to configure Linksys RE7000 via WPS

  1. At first,unbox the extender.
  2. Plug it into a power supply.
  3. Make sure that the RE7000 and the home router should be placed in the same room.
  4. Wait for two minutes until the orange light turns to green.
  5. Press the WPS button on your AC1900
  6. After a minute press the WPS button on the main router
  7. Wait for some time until the WPS LED gives solid green light.
  8. Now you are all done with the configuration of your extender, so you can move it at your desired location.

If you do not see the WPS button on your home router, in that case you can sign in to your home router web interface and look for the WPS option there.

How do I update my Linksys RE7000 Firmware?

Firmware is the inbuilt combination of both hardware and software, and it is embedded to make your extender work smoothly. You will get from time to time firmware update alerts to get latest security features and also to fix bugs.

For Linksys RE7000 firmware update follow the steps below:

  1. Get a smart device like a desktop, laptop or smartphone.
  2. Launch any web browser of your choice and type
  3. Login to Linksys extender setup.
  4. Go to the firmware upgrade option.
  6. Now hit on the UPDATE option.

Note: You can download the firmware update file from the official site of Linksys only i.e.

How to reset my Linksys RE7000?

If you are facing some technical issues with your Linksys RE700 wifi range extender and want to reset it,then you are at the right place.In this blog we will guide you how to reset your Linksys RE7000 wifi range extender.

Reset your Linksys RE7000 by following the steps below:

  1. Locate the reset button on your Linksys RE700 AC1900
  2. It may be available at the backend or at the bottom of the booster.
  3. Once it is located, press and hold it for 10 seconds.
  4. At last to finish the reset process you will have to reboot it once.
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