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The default domain for the Linksys smart wifi login dashboard is The Linksys smart wifi setup process allows you to change the parameters, such as the Linksys wifi network name and password. Go to the Linksys smart wifi login website to do a Linksys firmware upgrade that will improve the device’s overall performance. Go to to establish a Linksys smart wifi account.

Linksys smart wifi setup

How to access  Linksys smart wifi router by web browser

Before you begin your Linksys smart wifi login, you should be aware that there are two ways to use the browser:

  • Local Access
  1. Start your PC and go to your browser.
  2. The next step is to type your IP address or “” into the weblink bar.
  3. After that, input your router’s password and press the “Login” button. If you’ve changed your password, enter it here.
  4. Then, navigate to the Linksys smart wifi login page and enter your password and email address carefully.
  5. Now select “Login.” To ensure that you are promptly signed in the future, click the “Remember me” option.
  •  Remote setup
  1. Make sure your computer is linked to the internet before you begin.
  2. Launch your browser and type “” into the address box.
  3. After the page has loaded, fill in the required information in the login field.
  4. You should first register a Linksys smart wi-fi account if you haven’t previously.
  5. You can also utilise the troubleshooting tips if you have any technical difficulties while attempting to log in, such as a forgotten password.

How to setup Linksys smart wifi using the smart setup wizard

linksys smart wifi login
  • Connect the Linksys smart wi-fi router to a power source first, then wait for the power light to stabilize.
  • Then, using an Ethernet cable, establish a connection between your modem, PC, and Linksys router.
  • When you open a web browser, you will be instantly taken to the Linksys smart wifi login page.
  • If not, type into the address bar to access the Linksys smart wifi setup procedure manually. For a successful Linksys smart wifi login, enter the login information.
  • The Linksys smart wifi setup dashboard will then automatically detect your internet connection settings.

How to Setup Linksys Smart WiFi at home

You’ll never know how well you can set up a Linksys smart wifi network at home unless you try.. We have supplied you with simple instructions to guide you through the setup procedure. Setup instructions for your Linksys smart wi-fi router.

  1. Plug your Linksys router into a power source to turn it on. Then wait until the power light is stable.
  2. Using an Ethernet wire, connect your router to your PC.
  3. Connect your PC to the modem using another Ethernet cable.
  4. In the address box of your updated browser, input, which is the default setup URL.
  5. You will be redirected to the login page. Click “login” after entering the right login information.Your setup dashboard will appear after a successful login.
  6. To connect to the internet, enter the SSID and security passkey for your wireless network.
  7. Create a password for your log-in in the next step.
  8. You will then be able to visit your Linksys smart wifi configuration page.
  9. On the screen, a pop-up box saying “Linksys extender setup” will appear, along with your current configuration.
  10. You will be directed to a new page where you must create a new Linksys smart wifi account. To allow for remote access.
  11. After you’ve finished filling it out, click the “finish” button. Your setup is finished.

 Firmware update on Linksys smart wifi router

The Linksys wifi router is one of the top wifi routers on the market today for providing high-performance speed. The Linksys router provides a fast internet connection with a wide coverage area. You can use the same super-fast internet in any room of your house. If you’ve ever been stuck on a setup programme because your firmware was out of date, you know how frustrating it can be. Here are the steps for updating it. You can choose to have your firmware updated automatically or manually by pressing the “check for update” button. You can also choose to utilize the manual setting.

Here are the steps to update firmware online:

  • To begin, you must first download the most recent firmware for your Linksys router. It should be saved in an unzipped format. You must unzip it if it is zipped.
  • Go to your Linksys smart wifi account and sign in. You’ll be taken to the router’s configuration page.
  • After you’ve logged in, select “connectivity” from the drop-down menu.
  • After that, select “firmware update.” You’ll notice a tab. Select “choose file” from the “basic” menu.
  • Your file manager will open when you click that. Click “open” after selecting the file you just downloaded.
  • To begin, press the start button.
  • The firmware will appear in a pop-up box. Select “yes.” Your router’s firmware will begin to upgrade.
  • A new screen will appear, indicating that the router has rebooted. “OK” should be selected.
  • When the firmware has finished upgrading, it will display a message on the screen. “OK” should be selected.
  • While you’re doing this, make sure you don’t close the browser or turn off the router.
linksys smart wifi firmware update
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